[Mists] Elnora Eva Eskorova

Dhampir Assassin Avenger


Age 52. Pale skin, glowing amber eyes, chestnut brown hair. Red tattoo on her face.


Elnora Eva Eskorova the Crimson

This nightmare started my debut night, I was finally a star of Tayna Tsirk. Lord Doven, the evil man, chose my family to preform the main acrobatic act with me as the star. My face was painted on every poster in every town in the county. I would finally be something my family would be known for, not just a poor group of vagabonds cheating people out of purse and pocket to get by. In the middle of the act, I carelessly I landed on the side of my foot. After all the training with a perfect streak, I botched the landing in the only moment it mattered and in turn breaking my ankle. My family was ruined. Doven was outraged, we cost him piles of gold. In a fit of rage he killed my family with some kind of super-strength… he was not of this world.
Like a phantom he dove for neck and siphoned the life from me. The auditorium was not yet emptied however. If not for Bernholdt I would have been turned into a monster. I now must live with this wretched curse, and now I must find a way to end it, and avenge my family.

[Mists] Elnora Eva Eskorova

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