Curse of Strahd

The Old Bonegrinder

Session 5

The trek to Vallaki winds through the Barinok mountains, slowly climbing higher until the Village of Barovia can be seen in the distance. The journey is made easier for the party thanks to Misty, Shadowmere, and Ginger. The party also encounters a sickly dog by the a bridge guarded by inanimate gargoyles. The dog begins to follow the party after Bernholdt offers it food.

The party passes a crossroads that leads to the looming Castle Ravenloft. They instead pass through another set of gates and begin descending toward Vallaki. They notice a skeletal windmill on a small hill, and Elnora wonders whether it has something to do with her card reading. Bernholdt sees a young girl sitting by a tree. She is Rose, a ghost looking to pass on to the afterlife. The windmill is all that is left of her family, but it is currently overrun by evil. Bernholdt agrees to help her.


The windmill was overrun by hags who seemed to be baking meat-pies out of children’s bones. The party convinces one hag to check the pies in the oven, leading to a shove from Bernholdt and the start of combat. The hags turned invisible to buy time until her mother came back so that they can unleash their true power as a coven. Alleks uses flour in the cupboards and wind-magic to reveal their locations, weakening the hags before their mother arrived.

A raven flies in to warn the party, but was too late. The mother arrived and unleashed a lightning bolt, killing the dog. However the party manages to finish off the daughters before more powerful spells were unleashed. Cornered, Mother Morgantha promises revenge and disappears out the window. The party then rescues three children that was locked up in cages, load them onto the mother’s cart, and continues their travel to Vallaki.



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