Curse of Strahd

Ghost Town

Session 2

The party arrives to the Village of Barovia. They are greeted only by the sound of sobbing that carries through the streets. They decide to enter the townhouse from which the crying is heard, and there they meet Mad Mary. Mary is afraid that the devil Strahd took her daughter away to Castle Ravenloft. The party promises Mary that they will find Gertruda and bring her back.

The village becomes quiet. The only other signs of life come from a woman dragging a cart in the distance, and candle lights shining through the windows of a nearby tavern. The party heads toward the light.

Within, the party is greeted by a silent barkeep, three Vistani women, and a man drinking wine in the corner. The troubled man introduces himself as Ismark Kolyanovich, the son of the burgomaster. His home has been under attack by Strahd’s minions for several weeks. His sister was bitten twice by Strahd. Finally, his father passed away three nights ago. He wants the party’s help to get his sister out of the village and away from Strahd’s grasp.

The party heads to the burgomaster’s mansion to meet Ismark’s sister, Ireena Kolyana. She has two puncture marks on her neck, and is armed and armoured even indoors. Although she seems kind, she is also stubborn, refusing to leave until her father is buried at the church. The party wants to help. They begin to escort a levitated coffin through the streets of Barovia toward the church upon a hill.



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