Curse of Strahd


Session 9

The hold was broken. Once the second titan arrived, Sea Gate was lost. Although some continued the fight, the wiser folk began to escape. Many did not make it, getting caught and dragged back by the eldrazi appendages. Nardresh was almost caught as well, but he was quick enough with his scimitars to cut himself loose and lose himself in the darkness. He jumped into the pool out of desperation, hoping to find a way out. As he continued to bleed out however, he slowly began to lose focus. His vision became lighter, whiter, and the water began to feel less viscous and felt lighter like air. Like mist. Nardresh black out.

Nardresh wakes up on the shore of an unfamiliar lake, in an unfamiliar forest, surrounded by unfamiliar mountains all shrouded in mist. He remembers passing out, but does not remember how he got here. He also notices 5 tarokka cards in his grasp, as if it was the last thing he clutched onto before passing out. Looking around, he notices a lone fisherman in the middle of the lake and a path that leads into the woods. He takes an old boat by the shore to speak with the man.

The man does not react to Nardresh’s approach, but he throws a large bag into the lake as he continues to fish. Nardresh realises too late that the bag must have been a body. Diving in, he sees the bag sinking into the abyss below. Nardresh is just about to make it to the bag when familiar tentacles emerge from the darkness beyond and wraps itself around the bag. In a panic, Nardresh swims up alone to the boats above.

The fisherman continues to fish, muttering to himself that he is unlucky. Panicked, confused, frustrated, Nardresh enchants to the man’s rod to lure fish, hoping it to get any reaction out of the man. The man begins to catch fish after fish, becoming excited but still oblivious to Nardresh. Then the hook catches something heavier, and with a bit of struggle, the man brings fishes out the eldrazi scion.

The fight with the scion did not go smoothly, but Nardresh managed to slay the abomination as he was being pulled toward its proboscis. Nardresh swims back to shore, leaving the man to his fishing trance. Still lost, he begins to follow the road into the forest. Ravens, hundreds of them, watch Nardresh silently as he makes his way to a walled village. He confronts hunters and guards that all suspect him of being a monster from the lake. Nardresh remains passive and explains he is lost, convincing the others that he is also a newcomer to Barovia, just like the ones that recently arrived to Barovia. Nardresh waits outside with a suspicious guard as the captain of the Vallaki guards is brought over for investigation.

Nardresh’s Tarokka Cards:

Abjurer – 1 of Swords
Ghost – This card was stuck to the back of Shepherd.



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