Curse of Strahd

What Lies Beneath

Session 3

Wolves watch silently as the party carries the coffin. A raven watches from atop the tavern. The party arrives to the church unharmed, and is greeted by shouting from below the floorboards. The priest Donavich prays by an altar in the ruins of a chapel. He seems weak, only half conscious. He agrees to conduct a funeral service for the late burgomaster, however he is clearly distracted by the screaming from below. Ismark tells the party that the voice belongs to Doru, Donavich’s son. He has been turned by the devil Strahd and is kept locked up in the undercroft.

Donavich believes that the party was sent by the Morninglord to lift his son’s curse. The party heads below and confronts Doru. He is starving for blood and attempts to feast on the party. The party manages to defeat Doru using holy water, skill, and luck. Bernholdt carries the body to Donavich and consoles him, bringing sanity back to Donavich.


Two graves are dug as wolves continue to watch the party. The funeral will be held next dawn so that the Morninglord can lead their souls to the afterlife. As the party rests for the night, green light begins to suffuse from the cemetery. Ghosts of past adventurers of varying races materialise from the consecrated earth and march toward Castle Ravenloft. Donavich claims this happens occasionally, but he does not recognise any of the ghosts.

Dawn arrives, along with the sounds of a carriage being pulled by horses. Ismark and Ireena tense up. Strahd arrives.



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