Suhi Myrte

Moon Elf Swashbuckler


Age 69. Pale skin, blue eyes, silver-blue hair.


Suhi was born into a noble family and even though it was the most lenient of elven folk one could find, Suhi never felt free. Her family’s cornerstone is to be good and do good but the way they follow it is under a strict code of conduct. During her childhood, she would always try to skip on classes, official gatherings and other work that would forced on her. Suhi’s father was never happy with her actions so he would always try to be strict with her.

Suhi and her father always argued on the ways of their family. Suhi’s belief is that one can also do good by not following her family’s methods and that there are other ways by which their cornerstone can be achieved. During their argument, Suhi’s father challenges her to prove her words and sends her out their settlement.

Shortly after Suhi leaves her family, her father dies mysteriously and no one knows how. She goes back to her family and finds a letter that her father wrote to her but with a deep regret of ending her last conversation with her father on a sour note, Suhi hides the letter and never opens it. Since then she made it a goal to find the mystery behind the death of her father.

So she sets off again on her journey to show her father what she is capable of. During her travels, she notices that her artistically sculpted body gave her advantage in getting things done her way. She then decides to work on how to use her traits to be even more successful with her attempts. Slowly she becomes a flirtatious person who doesn’t mind seducing people to get her way.

In one of her journeys, she comes across a perverted brat who doesn’t leave her alone. No matter what she does, she could never get rid of him so she gives in and since then they traveled together. Later on, both of them come across a team of a dwarf and a dampier who happened to be working on the same mission as they were. So they start working as a team.

Suhi Myrte

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