[Mists] Bernholdt Hodrikson

Hill Dwarf Ghostslayer


Age 267. Greyish brown skin. Long greying black hair and beard.


For most of his life Bernholdt was a farmer, content to till the fields with his wife Helga, and children, Egil, Reiner, and Noora. Content with his humble existence, not once did he consider leaving it all to become an adventurer. However the fates can be cruel, and one night, underneath a full moon, Bernholdt was awoken by the screams of his wife and children. A werewolf had come to his farm to feast on Bernholdt’s livestock but happened upon his family instead. Having no fighting experience Bernholdt was unable to save his family and was himself grievously injured by the beast. As the lone survivor, Bernholdt swore he would not join his family in the afterlife until he had slain the monster who had taken them from him.
To fight the beast Bernholdt himself adapted the qualities of a beast, joining the ranks of the Blood Hunters, a group of warriors who gain powers from unnatural blood magics. Once he was sufficiently prepared he tracked down the werewolf who murdered his family all those years ago and slew him. Though he had completed his oath to his family their spirits would not allow him to pass on. They haunt him to this day, beckoning him to slay more monsters so that he may earn his right to be with his family once again. Bernholdt now wanders the realm, seeking out and killing all manner of beast, monster, or man who threaten to harm the innocent.

[Mists] Bernholdt Hodrikson

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