Alleks Vlassei Raven

Fire Genasi Abjurer


Cute and charismatic smile. A bit taller than an average 12 year old boy. Pale skin and coal black hair and eyes. The eyes are ringed with red when excited or angry. Hands and feet are black and have veins of bright red (like cooled magma). The blackness runs up to about the middle of the forearm and a bit past the ankles. Gloves and long socks are always worn to cover up the blackness. Clothing style is typical to the culture after he’s joined the group but before it was very bulky and covered due to the weather when he was living with his Master.


Alleks lived alone with his master, secluded in the cold North. The master passed from a sickness, leaving Alleks alone. Deciding to go explore the world, he met an attractive elf named Suhi and decided to follow her around. They eventually met Elnora and Bernholdt.

Alleks Vlassei Raven

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